Visiting regulations

  1. Use hooks with squeeze barb or micro barb (i.e. not with barb or no without barb/BL barbless).
  2. Use continuous mountings (escape assembly) on the rod.
  3. Use disinfectant to treat fish.
  4. Those who fish may use two rods, or three (+ 200,-/day), each with only one leader, equipped with a single hook, except of predator hunting.
  5. When hunting for a lay, it is necessary to use so-called escape mounts - i.e. when a fish cut line, only the leader must remain in it, not the weight or the feeder.
  6. Fishing and baiting of fish is allowed exclusively with artificial baits of the boilie and pellet type. Alternatively, by agreement, others: worms, earthworms, corn, etc. Due to previous pond management and in an effort to improve water quality and fish health, it is forbidden to hunt or feed any kind of bread, hard grains (chicken, chickpeas, paddy wheat or peas, etc.), moldy or fermenting or otherwise degraded feed, or containing dairy products, all types of cheese, offal, meat, shrimp, fish or their parts. Spinner is allowed only by appointment and in reserved places! A special permit is required for catfish fishing, see price list.
  7. When hunting, the hunter must have a hook remover (pean, tweezers or pliers), a sufficiently large landing net, ideally around 1 meter, the eyes of the landing net must be small so that fins or gills do not get tangled in the net, and a mat for the fish. The mat for the fish must always be wet when handling the fish and must be in the shade, out of direct sunlight (controlled!) for the entire time of fishing! After removing the hook, the fisherman is obliged to use disinfection and treat the fish for any injuries also outside the mouth. It is necessary to pour water on the fish during the entire handling period, which is why the last component of our mandatory equipment is a container for watering the fish (certainly not the one for scraps, it is possible to borrow it free of charge).
  8. For fishing, use lines of at least 0.25 mm and more (here is many fish over 20 kg).
  9. The loading of rods and feeding is allowed individually and seasonally, also with regard to the occupancy of the pond.
  10. Feeder and float fishing is allowed only from designated places (No.: 7a,b,c) and in compliance with the rod sizing rules mentioned above. In exceptional cases, after agreement with the owners, it can also be allowed in standard places (No.: 1-6), but again this is with regard to the occupancy of the pond, the specific place and the situation.
  11. The fish must be released back into the water as quickly as possible after being caught, possibly weighed, measured and photographed. 
    Caught fish over 150 cm or around 20 kg must not be taken out of the water to the shore! Crocheting and taking pictures is always in the water on a floating mat (free to rent together with waders). 
    Always keep all sturgeons longer in the water when releasing them (swim them up).
  12. It is forbidden to keep fish in a pack net, a fish sack, etc. They must always be carefully returned to the water without delay.
  13. Marking the feeding area with flags or otherwise is not allowed.
  14. Bivouacing and parking at the hunting site is permitted. Fires are only allowed in commercially manufactured grills or in designated fire pits. It is forbidden to cut down or cut greenery in any way on the shore of the pond and in the surrounding area. For toileting you can use "ToiToi", or during the season there is a possibility of toilets in the neighboring campsite, where a shower is also available for a fee.
  15. The permit is not transferable to another person.
  16. The fisherman and his companions must not disturb others with their behavior, they are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the fishing place.
  17. Any damage to the equipment and accessories of the area (buildings, signage, etc.) is prohibited.
  18. When fishing, hunters keep the distance between themselves according to the markings of the fishing spots, unless they agree otherwise.
  19. When fishing with a rod, hunters must be present with the rods so that they can handle them immediately if necessary. In the case of leaving the fishing grounds, the angler is obliged to remove the fishing rod, unless he agrees with another fisherman who would guard the fishing rod in his absence.
  20. It is forbidden to fish in the area outside the designated areas on the property.
  21. When photographing fish over 150 cm (or 20 kg) in the water and other fish outside the water, the angler is obliged to hold the fish no more than half a meter above the surface or the ground so that it lands on the mat, which must always be under the fish during photography and handling.

Additional Provisions

The administrator has the opportunity to check the fastening of the fishing rod, the camping equipment and the trunk of the car at any time.

Sports fishing and staying in the Nový rybník - Staré Splavy area is at the own risk and responsibility of the permit holder (including family members, pets, etc.). The stay of non-hunters by the water is according to the price list. With regard to nearby visitors, neighbors and passers-by, we ask for good behavior around the water and monitoring of nighttime silence.

In other areas, the procedure is in accordance with the Fisheries Act No. 99/2004 Coll., implementing decree No. 197/2004 Coll. and related regulations as amended.

In case of violation of the rules and prohibitions mentioned above, your fishing permit may be taken away without compensation and the fisherman is obliged to leave the area of the lake immediately. The operator reserves the right to change any fishing rules. Compliance with the rules is supervised not only by an administrator, but also by a camera system, possibly supported by drone surveillance.

When purchasing any form of stay or permit, hunters and visitors thereby agree to the rules and the manner of their control and enforcement, and at the same time undertake to comply with them.