Hunting ground

Nový rybník is a private lake where fishing is only "catch and release". On the lake, we have decided to try to create an area for you with a focus on "special" fish, so you will find here a very rich fish population, which is mainly represented by trophy carp in many beautiful forms, several species of prehistoric-looking sturgeon or even American Buffalo carp. The biggest jewel of the area are then two albino catfish over 20 kg (one orange and the other beautiful white). Other species are represented, for example: trophy grass carp, tench and silver carps. One of our other attractions is the abundance of species of river fish, which thrive here due to the large number of tributaries, and thus the oxygenation of the water. You can also catch asp, barbel or chub, which are also found here in colorful forms and pieces over 4 kg. The lake is regularly stocked with trout for the winter season, with which we also try to follow the path of the greatest possible diversity and prepare for you the most varied palette of species and hybrids, when the trout here live also in the summer. However, you can also find plenty of classic catfish, pike, zander and perch, which spawn here regularly, as well as many types of white fish, which are also abundant here, mainly species: roach, rudd and bream.

The lake is located on the edge of the village and on its shore, behind the road, there is a cottage area and a campsite with a restaurant and a sports field. There is an excellent availability of services while preserving the natural character, and if you don't choose from our refreshments menu, the extensive offer of imports from nearby businesses will surely satisfy you.

In the entire pond and in our team, it is true that careful handling of the fish comes first. We therefore strongly encourage you to study the visiting regulations. We are not here to keep you axed on the water, but we have set the rules so that our hobby is sustainable and that as many of you, the supporters of our guild, can enjoy non-standard fishing with us, without unnecessary suffering and damage to our scaly favorites and they could easily grow up into those of our dreams...

​To be sure that you will fish with us, reserve a place in our reservation system. ​
Before you come to visit us, please read the visiting regulations carefully.


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