Place: 7c

The space of the sector occupies almost the entire length of the lake and is a place with a special regime. It is divided into three sub-sectors with a capacity for up to 3 "unaffiliated" fishermen, therefore it is the only one of all places on the lake that is not rented as a whole within one permit. However, there is also the possibility of catching with the help of other techniques than classic carp fishing/ground bait. Here you can use fishing techniques such as spinning, fly fishing, feeder or even float fishing (while maintaining the sizing of the equipment specified in the rules), but with a limitation of throws to only 35 m due to not interfering with the secondary sector when it is occupied. The places are at a discounted price, but without the possibility to park at the hunting place for the entire time of the hunt, you can only transport your things to the place and then return the car to the parking lot. The places are also accessible from the shore to enter the water, to handle the fish, but only close to the shore, the depth then slopes rapidly and reaches up to 2.5 m. The place also includes a tributary that sometimes dries up, but fishing is prohibited here in its mouth, inside the forest (marked visibly by a rope).

Place maximum capacity


Choose the type and length of stay. If more anglers are coming, report this to the pond manager upon arrival. The day starts from 9:00 a.m. on the marked day until 9:00 a.m. the next day (24 hours). Half day 9:00-21:00 and 21:00 - 9:00.

E.g., 23.2.2024
19.2. - - 25.2.
26.2. - 3.3.
4.3. - 10.3.
11.3. - 17.3.